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The mission of the MARET Center is to expand renewable energy throughout the region with education, applied research, and economic development.

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Educational programs include certification and transfer degrees encompassing green construction, solar thermal energy, solar electricity, and wind. The Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology MARET Center at Crowder College hopes to eventually develop a 27, ft2 facility as a living laboratory to support solar and other renewable and sustainable energy development through professional degrees, new product development and commercialization, renewable energy business incubation, and consumer education.

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The primary objective of the current project was to complete Stage One of this building, with solar, wind, and geothermal technologies installed to power its 9, ft2 office, classroom, and research spaces. The MARET Facility will operate as a Net Positive energy building, consistently producing surplus energy for distributed generation on the utility grid.

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The modular design of the energy systems within the building is to serve as a scalable and repeatable model for a wide variety of building applications and climate zones. As a living laboratory of renewable energy.

cobra 6 fat burner arvustused