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Fast and Filling, is the second cookbook from Sunday Times bestselling authors, the twochubbycubs - packed more tasty slimming recipes, all under slimming cd, beautifully photographed and easy to make - these meals and snacks are designed to help with your weight loss and ensure you save precious time slimming cd the kitchen too - whether that's through meals cooked in minutes, or dinner ideas that can be scaled up and batch cooked for later.

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Näita rohkem Näita vähem James and Paul Anderson are the duo behind the enormously successful slimming blog twochubbycubs, which has over half uus kaalulangusnaitus tlc-l million online fans. They lost 18 stone between them and went on to share their journey with the world.

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Their tasty, easy recipes prove that it is possible to lose weight without sacrificing your soul and you can actually have a laugh whilst you're at it. Paul is slightly younger, though you wouldn't know it to look at him - the stresses of being married to James have left him haunted and as pale as moonlit milk. Paul is the chef and makes beautiful dishes from good, simple ingredients.

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He also makes a catastrophic mess in any room he's in for longer than a minute. Together they're the twochubbycubs, the slightly spherical pairing behind one of the UK's most successful slimming blogs.

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Through twochubbycubs, hundreds of thousands of people have discovered that diet food doesn't need to be dismal and slimming doesn't need to be a chore. They say, 'Together, we'll laugh slimming cd thin.

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Or diet trying'.