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What you should focus is your BMR and metabolism factors. Prasun 11 päeva tagasi Turns out, the endomorph shit is fake, it was formulated by a doctor to define male behaviour lmao..

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Deep Kumar 50 minutit tagasi Hahaha nice one Scott, U are adjusting to the trends now a days Level two: actually using this to dodge bullets StoryMonster Tund tagasi that was funny. David Shubich 2 tundi tagasi mogged.

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Abhijit Chatterjee 2 tundi tagasi Can you please make a video of a complete strength training workout using just heavy weight plates, you had made one earlier but that was mainly to burn fatI don't have a barbell rod or dumbbell rod at home and during lockdown facing problems getting fitness equipment delivered Brother you can manage the time for it it would be nice in any case keep up the good work as usual take care and stay safe Jean-Philippe 2 tundi tagasi Love this vid good job R S 2 tundi tagasi He wants the D.

I still don't really care about it personally but I now understand why it became a big deal Ryan Romero 9 tundi tagasi Make a newer channel talking about crypto bro! I had know about about like two of the coins you just mentioned. This is hilarious!!

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Hạ Trần 12 tundi tagasi We must feed the algo!!! Corey Malis 12 tundi tagasi Looks like I'll be taking a drive this weekend to return the prohormones expected to arrive tomorrow. Thank you for the reassurance as I've always been natural but at 48 I thought what the hell. She has completely gone off the deep end.

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Felix Trujillo 17 tundi tagasi But why you got to yell at me? TruthFLA 18 tundi tagasi Why not just move the pin down instead of adding a plate.

The PERFECT Workout to Lose Weight (Sets and Reps Included)

Martin Santos 19 tundi tagasi Athlean x burn fat build muscle this was actually helpfull. Online videote portaal!

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