Bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

Puberty is sooooooooooooooo awesome. So I woke up 4am and I wasn't able to fall asleep again. It hurts alot. If not, add another. We have such a heroes in our class.

Maybe I shouldn't talk about it, but I really want to get it off my chest and blog is the best place for me even though it's public and others don't have to know about my problems. But still I'm gonna give all my secrets away. Ok, don't get your hopes up :D Another sleepless night.

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Me and mom are sleeping in my sistetrs room, cause sleeping in the same room with dad is impossible because of the reason I already have told. What my sis did? Watched some stupid vampire series Buffy I think without headphones.

Somehow I still fell asleep.

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Then about 4am I woke up because of an awful smell. My sis had smoke in the room and not even opend the window. Thank you for harming my health and not letting me and mom sleep. Mom asked if she's gonna watch her stupid show all night long. She said yes.

bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

Yes, I was grateful that she let us sleep in her room, cause we couldn't sleep in our room. Me, my mom and I don't have our own room. We sleep in our living room that are split half with a closet. My dad got my bed, so yeah. My lil bro slept in the same room with dad. Hahha, nothing can disturb him when he's sleeping. So I woke up 4am and I wasn't able to fall asleep again.

So I went to the kitchen to study. I have never drink black coffee, but this morning I drinked 2 cups and I even liked it.

Anyway when sis came to the kitchen and wanted to smoke there, I got mad and said she can close the window, close and tape the holes of her door and smoke there. I said of course I am. I even said thank you for letting us sleep there and I wanted to explain that she was wrong and selfish, but she just said angrily "Shut your mouth" and went to her room. Noone messes with me. I took tape, went to her door and did what I had to :D My bro woke up "What are u doing?

He added that I should have taped her window also, cause she could escape through the window by bonding her clothes together.

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He have watched too much tv. The tape wouldn't stop her going out of her room I'm not that bad, come onbut the message counted. I had to take it off, so my sis wouldn't be able to accuse us in terrorizing her.

Puberty is sooooooooooooooo awesome. I felt so bad for my mom. She will have a very long and hard day today. First 4 dirty house she needs to clean and then school. She'll be home at 9pm.

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She was so messed up in the morning. Tyred and sick. When I put my hand on her forehead and hold it there for a while, she almost fell asleep. It's so imprortant that she will have a good sleep. It's so hard. It really is. I love her, but sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else, far away from her.

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The things she have told to me. It hurts alot. I thought we were good, that we get a long fine, that we are friends and then she just goes and complains how awful I am. Children have so many rights and parents so few.

From now until the end of time. Just send me a DM for more information.

Yesterday happend really disturbing incident. I had some minutes before i had to go to bus, so I went to a foodshop to just look if they had some good offers or new goods.

When I hurried on the bus, the shopkeeper stoped me. I felt so embarrased, humiliated. I think my face was red as Snowhites lips. She had no reason at all. I didn't even touch anything. I gave my bag and she searched my bag like I was some thief.

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Search my pockets and touch my body. Maybe even do a x-ray just for in case I had swallowed something. Like "Now that Kassai gonna get".

I really hope that noone is not that stupid to kick his ass. Now I know that overreacting is in my blood :D Anyway it's getting embarrasing. There was an offering "We're giving away luxurious week for you and your six friends.

laupäev, 31. detsember 2011

Nice prank! Lot of ppl was angry. It's so easy to piss us, estonians off :D It was so entertaining to read the comments there. I got a lot of free time Anyway today's gonna be another match between Estonia and Ireland! So at estonian time it starts. Good luck!

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Oh, by the way, I like Ireland ppl mickeys?? Before the game, after the game. A comment from a guy in "Victor Kassai dislike" group.

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Kassai is hungarian btw "Hey, I'm hungarian and proud member this group, because I see this arogant idiot on every week, Let's go FTC, Let's go Eesti ; " Posted by Eveli at teisipäev, november 15, 0 comments Links to this post Guess who's going to Estonia tomorror?

So good! But first I gotta survive a night on ship with my dad.

bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

Yesterday night I slept only 3 hours. I woke up, clapt my hands really loud, but of course it didn't help. I couldn't throw something at him, 'cause it would have been so mean. Gosh, I had forgotten how difficult it is to live under the same roof with a man. He's gone soon, so whatever. The whole family is together now and it feels weird.

Thanks to this is the bond between me and my sister getting stronger. I love hanging around with her. I think that around her I act much weirder than around others :D Yeah, I'm so 19 years old. At least still a teen. I'm suprised about that feeling inside me. I really love him.

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I'm facinated, amazed, happy, happy, happy. That's the way it is with ppl who's in love. It's so ordinary, nothing unseen or unfelt, but gosh. I think about it every day and it gives me chills. I don't believe in love at first sight. It's just first impression, based only on appearance. It wasn't there in the beginning. But suddenly. Guess you learn to love. I ain't letting go.

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I'm waiting. No one can see it the way I do. Noone has to know, how it is. Yesterday when I came back from training, I met my dad in corridor.

bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

I was like a little child who got a candy. Daddy made supper. So cute! Even my sis sat with us. And they huged : Progress! Will I get him to accept the guy I love? Hell yeah! In Estonia there just aren't so many different ppl. I'm sure he haven't even speak with a black person before. I'm intrested in one particular exemplar. On monday in school an arabic guy shocked us He got angry on his wife and got aggressive. I don't know exactly what happend, but the guy hitted his wife and those who tried to intervence.

Even the teacher got a hit. We have such a heroes in our class. All guys interrupt. We want you to be your strongest, fittest, best self and we know how to get you there. Come on in for a Free Intro to sit down with a coach, share your story and start making progress toward your fitness and nutrition goals. Link in bio. The internet is everywhere.

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bodyrock fat burn challenge day 17

It goes to show, results occur with consistency and time. My dad who is 81 still trains once per day with weights and rides the stationary bike, he is my true inspiration.